Saturday, 10 May 2008

I PASS!!!!

If you keep reading my blog, you must know I went to study a short diploma course on Multi media Graphic design to enrich my graphic skill in real life. It was really a hard time for me since our teachers are really picky and for my newbie to this design world. I even defer 2 weeks in handing my final project "webpage". When I kept worrying about my score these days, I suddenly received a notification letter on Friday and said "I PASS"!!! Woohoo!!! Since in our city, the government will sponsor us around 1300US dollar in our continuous further study if we pass the course within 4 years before 65 years old. and you know I PASS!! I can get back my MONEY now!! YAY!! I was so worry & feeling so stressful in this course from Day one when my teacher asked us to design & hand-drawing a logo for a shopping mall. I was like damn, I thought I must failed since I even don't know how to draw in real life; I thought that I select a wrong course and I thought I can't last till the last lesson; I thought that I will lose my 1800US dollar in selecting a course that I have no talent on. BUT now, they told me I PASS & I got the Certificate today!!! & I can see the improvement on my pictures! Do you see any improvement of my pictures comparing with my pictures before Sept 2007? ^^ I am so happy today!!

I think I am really fall in love with this graphic world. Now I am thinking what do I study next? hehe maybe this time I better study the basic of this art world... Pencil drawing hahaha...

Many of my Real life friend said that I really too addicted to this Virtual Second life world but if not this Virtual world, I never know what I like & what I have talent on. I am really so happy today!!! yay!!! Do your Virtual Second life influence your life?

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SySy Chapman said...

CONGRATULATIONS alienbear!!! :D Awesome!! I too love to create, design and learn in this digital world, and this influences my REAL life because its something i love to do, which makes me feel good :D I don't see any wrong in that :)) Keep doing what you love, and you're good at it, and everyone's happy i would say :)
Much love,