Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wanna be the owner of these crowns & Jewelries?!

Miss Bestyle crown/ N&E set
Hair:- Sparkle Skpe ... Skin:- LAQ... Gown:- NickyRee

This year suddenly have mood to accept custom made crowns orders for beauty pageant. Though still have many pieces working on but here is a sneak peak sharing with you how this crowns & set look like. It is exclusively designed for Miss Bestyle 2011 held by Agtaope Carter, CEO of BeStyle Team.

I get inspirations from Egret. The birds Egret , a kind of white bird which love to stand by one leg, showing the most elegant & stylish stand among the other birds. Just like the most elegant lady showing off how beauty, glam, attractive and stylish she is.

I named this crown "Aphrodite", the most beautiful Goddress in Greek Mythology. She is the goddress of love & beauty. I used golden yellow as the main gems in the middle cause the logo of Bestyle have a gold "B" that make me think of yellow gems. & in the same time, Mui Mukerji also said "yellow" when I started to selecting what colour of gems to present the Miss BeStyle. haha so Finally I selected Yellow gems. which also represent the sun, the goddress. When standing in front of all beauty, She still the best of all, just like Aphrodite.

Girls, do you think you are the most elegant, glam, stylish , attractive and the best one in Second life?! What are you waiting for?! Apply Miss BeStyle right now! And be the ONLY one owner of this Aphrodite crowns & jewelry pieces!

Men, no worry! You have chance to win my Mr BeStyle crown too! I am just working on it. Share with you guys the pictures later. :P

Where to get details?

Guys & Girls! Click this board to get the application form at Main Shop right now (just beside the free jewelries counter.) DEADLINE coming very soon! Hurry up!!!


Don't miss another Beauty contest Queen of My Precious 2011 that held by Agnes Finney , the owner of My Precious. You might be the last owner who can own this Exclusive jewelries & crown prize. Next year one I may design something new for them!

Where to get informations?
Click this board to get the application form at Main Shop


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