Thursday, 21 February 2008

Back to Real Life

This is one of my page in my real life final project "web page" . Yes I use my SL designs as the topic of my real life If you keep checking my blog, you must know I went to study a short diploma course in multi Media graphic design in real life since Sept 2007 to enrich my graphic skill in SL. The course nearly finish & I need to hand in my final project "webpage" soon. But since I am VERY new to the webpage making software & VERY NEW on graphic work, it was & is a very hard time for me. So to let me have more concentrations on my real life project, I will back to real life Until 20 March 2008.

During these period, you can contact our CMO Mui Mukerji for any issues or quires about my designs. She will help me deal with all cases within these period. Thank you so much all :D See you later :D


Kallisto Destiny said...

Way to go and good luck on your RL activities :)

Steph said...

Woo! Awesome! It's so nice to see someone doing the same thing! I've used my work many times for school projects, which usually gets an interesting response from professors.. Though I'm sure you've got an even better response just from the...*looking for a word or two to describe your work*... Okay can't seem the find one, it's just that amazingly beautiful. THAT doesn't even do it justice. But anyway, I digress. SL + school = happiness! Well, that weird sort of happiness that actually makes homework not so boring. Good luck, and can't wait to see the finished site!

Alienbear Gupte said...

Thank you Kallisto.

& Yes Steph. "SL + homework" is 100% happiness! I totally agree. The projects in this course are the most happiness & fun projects I did in my life. It definitely break the word "boring" that normally imply in "homework"!! And it can like "use one stone to hit 2 birds". Maybe this "homework" can be my future webpage for my designs in sl.

Happy to know that I am not the only one who link SL with homework ^^

I sure will show you the webpage once I finish!


Funn Lim said...

Your webpage looks professional and yet with your personal touch. I have often seen professional website with such confusing links and stuff, so your one looks ok although why not let us see it in action?

A few suggestion though. You may want to add shadows on the boxes (maybe you did such as when the mouse hovers over it) and you may want to correct the grammar and terms a bit. Such as

1. Head jewelries - I think the more appropriate term is Tiaras

2. Waist / belly jewelries - I think the better term for waist jewelries is diamond belts or jeweled belts or simply belts and the belly jewelries well.. I think belly button rings is much more appropriate and grouping them with Rings would be more suitable.

3. Free/almost free jewelries - why not free stuff or maybe name it like in SL such as Freebies, Dollarbies & special priced items or even discounted priced items

4. lucky chair/mobven/price chair jewelries - take out the jewelries would make it more appropriate since your entire page is about jewelries

5. Limited editions/auctions jewelries - again deleting jewelries would be more appropriate and since these are limited editions for I believe charity events, why not just name it limited editions for charity or something like that. Auction doesn't sound appropriate. Or just name it Auction items.

6. Series - I am a bit confused about series but I assume you meant the complete package of a singular theme right? Why not Collection or Theme Collection? Or special series? Or better yet, Special Sets?

And maybe you may wish to consider adding the words "Hand crafted virtual jewellery" since well you do create your own prims, you did hand crafted it to some extent. Sounds more specialised, high end and kinda describes your sets more accurately. In fact adding the word specialised is good too.

Just a suggestion. I am sure the design though important, the contents are also given marks.

Hope you get high marks for that so that that benefits your members too! I mean someone in a happy mood may be more inclined to design something special for members eh?

P/s : SL name is Funn Jewell. We have met but I don't think you remember me.

Funn Lim said...

Oh I forgot. Maybe Belly Rings is better. And I have a feeling jewelry is better term since it may already be plural.

Alienbear Gupte said...

thanks Funn for your great comment. I will see what I can do. Btw, I am still in my layout drawing stage but sure if I can find a good webpage register company, I sure will show this to you in action.

Special designs? sure will design more after I finish my rl course. ^^