Wednesday, 13 February 2008

SL have Intellectual Property?!

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"I love SL"
all who know me will know this statement is true for me. Cause SL really give me a platform to design & let me express whatever I imagine in my brain when I even don't know how to draw in real life.

But "I hate SL" when I find some no brain creatures steal my designs & creations every time when I know. Think most real content creators & real designers in sl will understand how I feel.

Why I select this moment to say this kind of things? well yes "copy" "steal" "get inspiration from" my creations are not any brand new cases for me....

First time... in early 2006 when someone copied my whole collections , some of my designs but different prims for sell...
I feel so angry & cried & many nice group mates, nice friends help to discuss with them. but with result they never admit & that time make me nearly want to leave SL.. but I stay cause I really like design & start from that day I start making something complicated.

but after this time... I stop myself to search jewelry shop in sl cause I am afraid to get hurt again... & I don't want dramas... yes I love all kind of jewelry , I am sl jewelry collectors if I think the designs & prims are good. That's the reason why I love to search jewelry store in sl.

After then I keep receiving many friends' & my jewelry fans messages saying.. I see who's designs like yours, who's designs really similar to you.. who's change your necklace idea to belly chain.. blah blah blah.. I pretend didn't hear cause I don't want to hurt again & I keep telling myself..

"Ali grown up & no more hate or blame on those Copycats. All Copycats are just stupid thief, beggars & No brain creatures. Thanks all copycats to show how creative I am & how awesome my designs are! "

Till "Copybot" born in sl (around late 2006) that created by libsl who support by Lindens themself. My customer told me that my custom locket design that he order for his wife as a special gift got a thief copybot to a full permission items. He told me in a very sadly mood cause that gift no more special..... I was so angry & so frustrated & do a huge sales in my place & was planning to leave.. but my design spirit keep me here.

After that... someone told me they saw someone sell something exactly in the same design of mine...
I feel angry but good that she take away from selling... I feel ok you learn from my designs & make something.. okies let you go but please don't sell.. & please states my name as original designer. Cause that is originally designed by me!

After many cases, I seems like "Ok" "fine" "let it go"... cause when Lindens indirectly support these no brain creatures, what can I do?! Just can feel "my blood got absorbing more & more every time"....

Then.. these days I kept hearing some famous sl designers texture , skin, clothings got steal by a texture ripping script. I just feel more more sad cause I have no idea why people are that no shame & never feel they did wrong.

My customer show me a belly chain that bought from a thief at 3000L said as custom work while that design was my early Feb 2007 design when I were typically design a name chain for one of my SL family member. & that design was put into my Member only Vday gift 2007. From that copied work, it really look like "copybot" product but the thief is clever that he change the texture, change the chain but with the same prim middle part work. Even all the wrongly linked part are the same lol...
That customer gave me 3 names (hereafter say N1, N2, N3) & claim that they are same person that hold the copybot script & copy many other designers work before. I check the creator of the copied stuff is in the name of N2. I take pictures, report to lindens though I know LL will do nothing... Then announced to my member group & designer group about the picture & the names to ban them & don't buy anything from them.

click here to check my original design belly chain

In the same time, another famous designer told me that be careful when take care of this N1 case cause N1 is a famous dj something in sl & was copying his/her stuff before. but N1 blow his/her sim up due to her complaint!! (what a childish & terrible thief)

Funny that N1 imed me & say I slandering him & say:-
"im understanding something about your reporting me . becouse something in my store i copyed form you ?"
" for 1"
"good luck"
"for 2"
"its NOTHING like yours"

I say: well just someone give your name to me say you use your alt to copy my designs. that is

N1 say:-
"oh who would that be? its nothing like yours, its scripted, it talks, gives things, and all, who is this person? huh? there is 100000 of thing made here in Sl and there is 100000 of the same shit made, nothing will or can be done. but, you slandering me .. can and i will

I say: well all I can say is I just report this guy / gal who copy my design to lindens. & your name is given to me by someone else & say to ban you due to copy others designs. well I just spread the word out, if you didn't copy others designs, that's fine , God will know & you yourself will know :D that is what i want to say.

I sent the picture to this N1.

N1 say:-
its not the same belt eveen (did I say it is a belt? from the picture, I just take a close up view of the copied part & those who didn't see this design before think that is a necklace or choker.. is N1 really that clever can know that is a BELT?!)
"so now im going to report you for slander and for slashing me in Sl and THAT something they will do"

I say :- yes belt is not the same but the middle thing is exactly the same & that is my design , & can see the prim is same, I design this by my own self :D

N1 say:- "nope, its not... talking to a linden right now...NOTHING can be done"

I say:- :D good luck (& mute him)


Funny that at the same time one of my sl family member imed me & say that:-

"N1 is a lier. he thinks it was me that told you that he copied it"

well I didn't tell my family member about this N1 iming me but they told me this conversation..

clever you will know what's happen! That is totally show that N1 is the same person of N2 who use copybot (not sure yet but it seems like, but copy my design is the truth) to copy my design but told me that he don't know who is N2 !! & don't feel he is doing wrong... what a shame!


yes ! I was so angry yesterday. I just keep shaking & with painful stomach. Maybe there will be tons of Miss Universe crowns, tons of my charity auction sets, tons of one of the kind designs... etc now or in the future due to these no brain creatures keep copying my designs & special creations..... I spent many times, heart & love to design all of these for some special customers, special generous charity SL shows, They supposed to be one of the kind or limited version.. but because of these thief, copybot, ... it blows up all my hearts, my blood & my customers hearts!..

but well... I know we can do nothing but can only keep sending this "Respect Our Design, Respect Yourself, Please Concern about Intellectual Property" to promote how Intellectual Property means to the real content creator /SL designers. You can get the copy & transfer Ornament at my Main Store , Member Discount Shop & On rez.

Get one now & gift to your friends & spread the words on respecting Intellectual property please! More is you respect, more pretty things & items you can have in the futures! Cause thief / copybot/ copycat / no brain creatures are just keep blowing up Talented designers/ content creators mood. Think about who make you look pretty everyday in sl, who make you look special on your skin, who make you have a sweet moment when your lovers gift you something special & unique! Think about if one day all real sl designers/ content creators stop designing anything new & all in SL just remain those "copycat items" , "stolen stuff", how boring the SL will be.
Please let us breathe, Please let us having more mood to design something great for you, Please help promoting & educating those no brain creatures what is Intellectual Property. Please help us!! I beg you all ok?!


Maegen Parvenu said...

That's awful that this keeps happening to you! I get pretty defensive on the inside when people even have the same ideas as me, much less stealing stuff prim for prim! Looking at that picture, though, that person is so pathetic. It looks like they were trying to do your design, but parts of prims are sticking out where yours are smooth, and their texturing is terrible. They aren't even a talented thief. They're just crap. If someone sees your work and sees theirs, anyone would rather have yours.

Violet Vibe said...

I saw the notice, and it is very painful- not only are they stealing your design, but they are taking things that you put your heart into and come off as absolutely rude. In addition to kicking Linden Labs in the pants, I'm hoping the budding review groups - such as SL Consumer Reviews - will also get the word out and help people avoid buying from thieves.

Silver Countess said...

What a horrible man, Ali! I'm sorry this has to happen to you. I wish you luck. I'm telling all my friends to avoid buying from this *insert expletive here*. (>.<) I've known you a great majority of my SL life and I know just how much love and effort you do to create your work.

Don't worry I'm sure karma will get back at him.

~Yuriko M.