Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thanks Metro Model!

Few weeks ago Alaska Metropolitan of Metro Models asked me if I can borrow some of my jewelries for them to take some photos for their blog. I was like YAY! Alaska always take cool pictures. Just like an artwork with her own personality show on every pictures. I was so exciting. Today when I am sticking with my "webpage layouts" (my real life course's project), I receive my best friend Mui Mukerji offline message that quoted Alaska message:-

"Alaska Metropolitan: Yay the alienbear design jewelry feature is up now :) Check it out on the blog:"

I was like "suddenly wake up!" & can't wait to check the post call Alienbear Design - Intricate Stylishness in Metro Models' blog! Woa the model is Mui Mukerji !! She always can use her body to make every sl fashions to miracle and help telling stories/meanings in every pieces of my jewelries! The pictures are so beautiful. Thank you so much Alaska, Mui & Metro Models giving me this great memory in Second life.

Okies need to back to real life. See you later ^^

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