Monday, 31 March 2008

Any Suggestions on good pose?

I am now looking for some nice poses for my picture shooting for my future posters. Any recommendations? If you have time & if you willing to share your secret with me. Please leave the slurl link / shop name of your recommended pose shop here in the comment if you have any nice in your mind. No matter it is famous or it is small, I want to have a try & look too. Thank you so much ^^


Sai Pennell said...

Can I post a shameless plug for my own shop? XD

Anyway - I make a few poses at my shop, Imperial Elegance, which you can find it in-world here.


Alienbear Gupte said...

thx thx Sai, Tping there now!

Any more other willing sharing your secret with me?


Green Dream said...

In the threads of the FlickR group, Second Life Models, there's a thread about where the members get their poses: where to buy poses

I, personally, often use Long Awkward Pose, Juicy, and a ton of freebie ones (my LAP and Juicy ones were free :P ). My guy has purchased from Digital Designs, which has a good selection of male poses, but we have yet to fully use them.