Tuesday, 25 March 2008

「走佬」公主 - the escaping Princess

「走佬」公主 is exactly imply what I am now... Well I don't know how to describe this perfect Cantonese in English, it is something like a Princess who escaping from someone to catch her back to her castle & try to wear like her citizen but forget to take off her crown lol

Yes my real life teacher chasing my homework now & I want to escape from it lol 2 days & I need to hand in my project but I am still in my layout.. what a tragedy. I keep telling myself not to that perfectionist.. urgh... So I escape from RL & hide into my Mobven & Prize chair Area in SL.. anyway am I look pretty in this dress?

Yes this is a new dress from *Evies Closet* named Aurora Gown in Pease-Blossom. I was keep checking new release of this shop since they opened. All know me will know that I love to be Princess, Queen, Evies & fairies. lol I did have few dresses sent from them before but their graphic quality & prims skills never reach my over perfectionist requirement until my friend gift this Aurora Gown to me. They improve real lot on their skills. If you like the Evies style & not really too picky on the prims & graphic work, it is a nice gown for you. I am looking forward to see more improvement & more new creations from them. Wish they have demo for us to try on in the future.

My hair is sure from the best Princess hair creator *Curl Up and Dye Salon* as usual.

My crown , Necklace & earrings set was my entire oct 2006 designs Dracula Kisses with Le'Bear II crown set that available at Alienbear Design, Le'Bear Castle.

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