Friday, 14 March 2008


Yesterday I feel boring from my rl project , so I check onrez to help my sl grandmi to find any nice wedding gown. I search & search.. I find a new name (for me it is) with few dress seems look nice. But you know SL have so many good graphic designers that can make the pictures look awesome, you never know the real quality of the dress until you wear on your body.

So I TP to that shop to check. I was thinking on pictures the prims look suck but seems the texture look good. So I spent my first 550L to do a try.

I wear it & find that shading on body good, but yes prim real suck but I like the design of the dress so I keep checking that store...

I can't stop myself & spent another 750L. & sure can't wait to send an offline IM to my evil twins MUI about what I got.

I felt so happy & go to sleep... BUT then..

when I wake up...........

Mui im me & said:
"ali, you bought from a thief!"

I said ," what?"

Mui said, " yes you gonna cry, you bought from a THIEF"..

awww.. how come I don't know she is the thief who steal one of my favorite sl designer's (hereafter I call them N) textures base?! I feel so guilty, I feel so bad cause MUI keep laughing at me saying.." This is a PUNISHMENT for you not waiting me to shop with you! & comes the result of buying from THIEF!"

Yes who can know that is thief cause she is really clever, she blur, smuggled, sharpen, change.. the shading & texture base from various designers. The funny thing is Designer N told me this Thief S not only steal her clothing texture base but also steal the design from ANOTHER well- known THIEF a!! HAHA .... Thief steal from thief... Or maybe THIEF S = THIEF a.. WHO KNOWS?! Maybe THIEF a now is too busy dealing with the rl designer (who open his business in sl too) who sue her in rl but she need money so she creats THIEF S ! hahahaha good imaginations? but well all I can say is...


When I was feeling so shame, so guilty & so sad (CAUSE I WASTE 1300L in buying thief product!) Another OMG make me happy again!!! yes today is my2nd luck change to "3rd luck" for member day. at about 11:30 pm, I tped to my Member Discount Shop.

woa I was like OMG! Still have 30 mins to go but so many members already stand by in my Member Discount Shop & waiting for me to release the 3rd!

I am happy again when I know that people waiting for my designs to release & compliment on my designs. I feel happy again. I feel people appreciate my designs. May be you will say it just cost 1L so people come but I still happy cause they wait for me to release new!

Thanks all members who love my designs & make me forget the sadness of buying from THIEF S. I really feel so sorry & shame that be a fans of Designer N but don't know thief S steal from her... what a shame!

I really wish one day all these THIEF will know what they did is totally wrong & illegal. 1300L to buy a punishment ... sigh...

P.S. If you want to know who is Thief S & Thief a, just im me in world. It is much more better to tell you privately instead of saying here cause I don't want any drama.

okies.. gonna sleep now.. been up for whole nite to make my St.patrick Day final Surprise gifts lol & yes.. my rl homework.. urgh....

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Funn Lim said...

Why don't you release the full name of the thief and the designer? If you're sure it is a copy then release them and let us all know!

Anyway technically this whole issue of content theft is technically not content theft. In RL plenty of people take their favourite designer's designs and ask their tailors to copy them so frankly to me it is more of a copy. Unless it is proven the actual base was from the designer and the subsequent copies were made from that base.