Monday, 17 March 2008

St. Patrick Day Extension!

Let's thanks SL lag & Inventory lose! Since receiving so many members saying that error in getting the St. pat gifts; SL eat their inventory; .. And I am busy in rl & have no time to design anything for Easter.

OK! I decided to EXTEND a week for you to get ALL the St.Pat gifts start from today TILL 25Mar2008!! Don't miss it this time! No more extend after this.

If you have any Quires relating to my designs, my gifts, my release.. etc , Please contact our CMO - Mui Mukerji. She will help you out.

Please wear your group tag " Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers" before you tp to the Member Discount Shop, & wear your group tag before you pay $1L to the member gifts. It may spend you 4 mins to get the gifts if the land is lag. So just be patient & if you still can't get it:-

- please check if you are accidentally MUTE me. if yes, unmute me & check your trash
- copy your transaction record to a notecard named "your name"- alienbear quiries, then send to MUI MUKERJI. She will help you out.


P.S. Sparkle Skye Designs who held this event together with me will place back the 1st three gown gift at her shop for SPARKLE SKYE DESIGNS group memeber at Sparkle Skye Main shop too till 25 Mar 2008 11:59pm too. Don't miss it. Good luck

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